About Us

The UNH Entrepreneurship Club’s primary goal is to educate students of all majors about the power of thinking from an entrepreneurial mindset. E-Club exists as a community for current and future business owners, students with an interest in potentially running a business one day, someone with an idea looking to grow it, a student looking to learn and grow their network, etc. Not only business owners can prosper from an entrepreneurial understanding, we believe everyone can benefit from using the same practices that brought success to Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Oprah and countless others. E-Club is THE place for meeting other likeminded students with a passion for success.


  • Incredible guest speakers who have found success in the world of entrepreneurship.
  • Events and competitions to win real money to help fund your start-up while gaining great experience.
  • Networking opportunities with both students and guests.
  • Team based skill building activities and workshops.
  • Discussions, field trips, and more!